Wie brenne ich eine Tasse richtig?

How do I properly burn a cup?

You need:

  • Graphics program
  • Printer with sublimation ink
  • Sublimation paper
  • Heat-resistant tape
  • Mug press
  • cutting machine
  • Sublimation mug
  • Good mood and desire to create something unique

The graphic:

We work in the RGB color space and make sure that we have graphics that have a reasonable resolution. It shouldn't be a muddy graphic.
So we create an empty file size 19 x 9.2 cm, RGB, at least 300 DPI.

  • You cannot sublimate a cup all the way to the rim with a cup press
  • You need an oven for this
  • Of course you can also go 20 or 21 cm wide

Now it's up to you to conjure up something great when designing it, but keep in mind that the color black as a closed surface is not as easy to sublimate as a graphic that is green, red or the like.

If you put a graphic in the created file that has a larger resolution than the file is, this shows that it has more than enough pixels and it will be a great result. If you have to enlarge the graphic so that it fits into your created 19 x 9.2 cm, 300 DPI file, the file will lose pixels when enlarged.

The printer settings via the PC:

We need a print profile for a perfect printout. In our company we have created a printing profile for each material. These profiles are called ICC profiles. However, every printer has a standard ICC profile that you can use. The checkbox: Click on the finest details and then you can get started. Our sublimation printers always automatically print in mirror image. This way you avoid mistakes. If you have printed a benefit on an A4 sheet, cut it off with the cutting machine. You can use the rest for the next 2 cups. Standard printers can only recognize the width of a paper, but never the length.

  • Do not cut paper before printing
  • Be sure to cut the paper, as there is ink hidden on the sides of the paper, which accumulates due to the print head, which extends from right to left over the edge of the paper
  • You can get straight writing on the cup with a guide line so that you can cut the paper straight

Attach printout to cup:

You now align the printout in the middle of the handle of the cup. Make sure that the distance to the edge of the cup and the bottom are the same. Attach the prepared two strips of heat-resistant adhesive tape to the side of the handle. Never up and down!

Burning process:

We never pay attention to the clock in the machine and this is because of the fluctuating room temperature. We use a stopwatch!
Set your machine to 180 degrees or 356 degrees Fahrenheit. Test with a cup that the pressure is strong (not very strong). Now turn on your machine. This is closed and your sacrificial cup is in the machine. This will extend the lifespan of the heating element.
Once your machine has reached 180 degrees, swap the cups. Make sure that the handle in the closed cup is fairly centered in the opening.
Now it's up to the graphics you want to sublimate what happens next. If your graphic/text is in the middle of the cup, you can take the cup out after 4 minutes. You have a cup that fills the entire area of ​​19 x 9.2 cm and contains a lot of black as an area, so the following trick is interesting: After 3 minutes, open the machine and turn the cup over once. Now sublimate for another minute. You can of course save yourself this with an expensive professional machine, as it offers a clean 180 degrees completely on the heating element. The cheaper ones don't have this and therefore result in the stripes.

Cooling the cup:

Yes, there is the idea of ​​putting it in a water bath at 180 degrees. Not bad for the cup, but this can lead to hairline cracks. You will hear this when the cup cracks. Put them in front of a fan for 30 seconds and then into a water bath. Of course, you remove the sublimation paper after you take the mug out of the press.

  • Please note that you put the sacrificial cup back into the machine and close it

If you have any questions about my blog, please refrain from sending emails. Just ring the bell to discuss any open questions.

Good luck


Error help:

You increase the temperature: This doesn't make sense because every sublimation cup has a polyester layer and this one doesn't like that.

I'll extend the time: A good idea, but it ends at 4:30 minutes and only if you have a closed color and the heating element of your machine is not good.

I increase the pressure: you'll destroy the heating element, but it won't do anything.

Black stripes or dots are sublimated on the corners of the paper: Use a paper that is over 100 grams thick and do not spread the heat-resistant adhesive tape onto the cup, but press it firmly to the cup.

If the result is not what you expected, always fix an error by changing just one parameter! For example, the proof, the paper, the color, etc.
Never change the paper and the color at the same time, but one after the other.


If it is true that a cup is dishwasher safe and at around 70 degrees the sublimation will hold at 180 degrees, why does the sublimation on the magic cup come off after just a few dishwasher cycles?
This is easy to explain. The magic cups have a polyester layer and a special layer. It comes loose there
Special layer. And how does this work with glitter cups? The glitter is sprayed onto the cup. Although it survives several dishwasher cycles, it still doesn't like being put in the dishwasher.

And here is a magic mug from the dishwasher:

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