Collection: Blanks UV-DTF, DTF

UV-DTF (Direct-to-Film) is a modern printing technology that makes it possible to print images, designs and text directly onto various materials. By using UV-curing inks, the prints are long-lasting, water- and scratch-resistant. UV-DTF is particularly suitable for printing on hard surfaces such as ceramics, glass, metal and wood. The technology enables high print quality with vibrant colors and fine details. UV-DTF is a versatile and efficient solution for personalized printing of gifts, promotional items, tableware, signs and other products.

DTF stands for “Direct-to-Fabric UV-Ink” – it’s a cool way to print directly onto fabrics. Imagine being able to apply a design directly to fabric without much effort. This method uses special ink that is dried with UV light and bonds directly to the fabric. The result is a vibrant print that lasts a long time. So if you want to create a cool design on textiles, DTF is a great option!