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1 piece magic cup in matt black, colored inside (4 colors)

1 piece magic cup in matt black, colored inside (4 colors)

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of magic cups with our matte black beauty, which transforms into a living work of art as soon as it comes into contact with hot liquid. The C-shaped handle not only offers comfort but also gives this mug a modern look.

Technical details:

  • Height: 96mm
  • Diameter: 82mm
  • Capacity: approx. 330 ml
  • Colors: Orange, Blue, Green or Pink

The secret? The matte surface hides your creative designs, which only appear when hot liquid is poured in!

Please note that the mug is not UV-resistant and should be protected from direct light to preserve its colors. To maintain the longevity and brilliance of the motif, we recommend hand washing.

Discover the joy that this magic mug brings to your everyday life, be it with your morning coffee or a relaxing cup of tea in the evening. Treat yourself to the fun and surprise that every cup full of hot liquid holds!


  • Temperature: 180 degrees
  • Time: 4:30 minutes
  • Pressure: medium

Item numbers:
Green: KER-0166
Blue: KER-0167
Orange: KER-0168
Pink: KER-0169


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