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100 condolences

100 condolences

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Our Compassionate Words collection offers a sensitive collection of 100 sayings to express condolences and sympathy. Each saying in this collection has been chosen carefully and with deep compassion to provide comfort in times of grief and loss.

The sayings are lovingly, comfortingly and inspiringly worded to offer support and comfort to those grieving in difficult times. They are designed to lighten the burden of loss and show those left behind that they are not alone.

With their high-quality design and attractive design, the sayings can be used in a variety of purposes.

Our Compassionate Words collection allows you to express your heartfelt sympathy in a sensitive and comforting way. The sayings are intended to comfort the bereaved in their grief and show that you are with them in thoughts.

Please note that the sayings serve as inspiration and can be adapted depending on the individual relationship and situation to express the desired closeness and intimacy.

Note: Our “Compassionate Words” collection of sayings is intended as a supplementary element and is not intended to replace personal expressions of condolence. It simply provides a written form to express your compassionate feelings.

After paying, you can download the sayings directly as a PDF

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