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Adobe Photoshop online training

Adobe Photoshop online training

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Do you want to learn how to properly use Adobe Photoshop to achieve perfect sublimation results? Then our online training is perfect for you!

In this one-hour training course, we will show you the basics of Adobe Photoshop and how to properly create a file for sublimation. We'll also go into your printer's settings and show you how to avoid errors.

And the best part? We will stay with you until all your questions are answered! Thanks to the AnyDesk remote control software, we can help you directly and in real time with every step of the training.

Our training is specially designed for beginners, so you don't need any previous knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. You will quickly and easily learn how to optimize your designs and achieve perfect results.

Don't miss the chance to expand your knowledge and skills in Adobe Photoshop! Book our online training today and let us help you take your sublimation projects to the next level.

  • introduction
  • Basic Photoshop settings for sublimation
  • Creating a print file for sublimation
  • How do I save money with Photoshop
  • Nesting the graphics

Anydesk remote software is required

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