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Pendant with bottle opener

Pendant with bottle opener

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This metal keychain with bottle opener on the back and key ring is the perfect choice for personalizing a practical everyday item. The pendant contains a sublimable aluminum plate that is attached to a printable area of ​​approx. 53 mm x 13 mm. The aluminum plate is therefore perfect for personalized designs.

The dimensions of the pendant without the key ring are approximately 57 mm x 17 mm, which makes it handy enough for everyday use. To create the design, a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius and a burning time of 80 seconds are recommended. The pressure should be medium to achieve an even result.

The bottle opener on the back of the pendant makes it a versatile tool that is always at hand. The attached key ring allows for easy attachment to a keychain or other items. The metal material ensures durability and robustness.

This metal keychain with bottle opener and sublimable aluminum plate is a practical and personalized gift for friends and family, ideal for everyday use.

  • Metal pendant with bottle opener on the back and key ring
    including sublimable aluminum plate
    Dimensions without key ring: approx. 57 mm x 17 mm
    printable area approx. 53 mm x 13 mm

Temperature: 180 degrees
Burn time: 80 seconds
Pressure: medium


Item number: SCA-22

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