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Scented candle with bamboo lid for UV-DTF, plotting, laser

Scented candle with bamboo lid for UV-DTF, plotting, laser

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Pamper your senses with our scented candle, which is stylishly rounded off with its bamboo lid. This delightful scented candle in a jar with a graceful bamboo lid exudes a soothing vanilla scent that will immerse your home in a pleasant atmosphere.

Our scented candle is perfect as a canvas for creativity. It can be printed using various techniques including plotting, UV-DTF (Direct-to-Fabric UV Ink), and laser engraving. Personalize with your own design to create a unique and personal gift or decorative piece.

The dimensions of this scented candle are approximately 7 cm in diameter and 8.8 cm in height. Their compact size allows them to be seamlessly integrated into different spaces, be it on a table, shelf or in a relaxing bathroom.

This scented candle combines aesthetics with functionality to bring a pleasant scent and visual appeal to your home. The bamboo lid not only adds to the elegance but also preserves the scent of the candle when not in use.

Enjoy the cozy atmosphere that our scented candle with bamboo lid creates and share your creativity with individual design options.

Product details:

  • Scented candle in a glass with bamboo lid
  • Scent: Vanilla
  • Printable techniques: plotting, UV-DTF, laser engraving
  • Size: approx. Ø 7 cm, height 8.8 cm


    Item number: GLS-0015

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