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Stainless steel thermal mug with handle in white

Stainless steel thermal mug with handle in white

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Our stainless steel thermal mug in bright white is more than just a drinking vessel - it is a companion that integrates perfectly into your everyday life. This mug is not only functional but also an ideal gift for your loved ones. Whether printed with a personal photo or name, it gives every morning coffee or tea a personal touch.


  • Material composition: high quality stainless steel
  • Diameter approx.: 85 mm
  • Height: 180mm
  • Weight approx.: 265 g

Processing press:

  • Temperature: 200 degrees
  • Time: 2 minutes
  • Pressure: medium

Processing oven:

  • Temperature: 190 degrees
  • Time: 5 minutes

Processing in the oven: Please note: only screw on the bottom of the cup after pressing, as it can no longer be removed afterwards.

With our stainless steel thermal mug in white with a practical handle, you not only get a stylish and personalized drinking vessel, but also a piece of everyday comfort in your everyday life. Refresh yourself in the morning with your favorite drink, be it coffee, tea or a refreshing cold drink, and enjoy it in this high-quality mug that reflects your personal style.


Item number: EDE-0039

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