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Stainless steel mug 12 OZ, 4 colors

Stainless steel mug 12 OZ, 4 colors

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Hey you! Look, here we have this cool double-walled stainless steel mug in white, silver, pink and mint. It has a height of around 115 mm, a diameter of around 85 mm and weighs around 200 g. Can hold about 350ml of liquid, which is pretty handy.

To keep the mug in top condition, hand washing is best. Oh yes, and if you want to put it in the oven to sublimate, here are a few instructions: The temperature should be around 200 degrees and the whole thing takes about 9 minutes. Cool, right?

Double-walled stainless steel mug

Colors: white, silver, pink, mint
Height approx. 115 mm, diameter approx. 85 mm, weight approx. 200 g
Capacity approx. 350 ml
Hand washing recommended

Processing in the oven:

Temperature: 200 degrees
Time: 9 minutes


Item numbers:

White: EDE-0020
Silver: EDE-0021
Mint: EDE-0022
Pink: EDE-0023

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