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Wooden photo panel

Wooden photo panel

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Do you want to capture your favorite moments in a very special way? Then our plywood photo panel is just right for you! With its natural finish and cool wood grain, it's the perfect canvas for your memories.

The photo panel offers you the opportunity to place your photos or designs on a page and showcase them. Whether in portrait or landscape format - this versatile panel can be set up to suit your taste. This way you can always present your favorite pictures optimally.

And the best part? The high-quality plywood material not only provides a sturdy base, but also adds a rustic charm to your photos. Each piece is unique thanks to the unique wood grain.

  • Material: plywood
  • Surfaces: Natural
  • Printable: Single-sided
  • can be set up in both portrait and landscape format
  • With wood grain

Processing under the press:

  • Temperature: 190 degrees
  • Pressing time: 240 seconds
  • Pressure: Strong


Item number: HFP-01

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