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Hey, check out this cool black wallet! It is really practical for everyday life and has a handy size of 130 x 90 mm. Nevertheless, all important money cards and notes fit easily.

The equipment is top:

You have space for 3 cards in the card slots, everything fits in there: credit cards, loyalty cards, ID cards and so on.
You can store even more cards, receipts or small notes in the two side compartments.
There is a note compartment for your banknotes.
There is a practical coin compartment for small change.
And look, there's even a transparent window, ideal for your ID or a cool photo!
The wallet has a Velcro fastener so everything stays safely stowed away.

And the best thing is, you can design the cover yourself! There is a 115 x 70 mm area where you can apply your own design or logo to make the wallet unique.

Oh yes, one more thing: the wallet meets all safety standards and is free of harmful chemicals. Everything complies with REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006.

When printing the cover, you should pay attention to the following instructions:

You need a temperature of 190°C.
The pressing time is 100 seconds.
And the pressure should be quite strong so that the result is really cool.
So, let's go! Let your creativity run wild and design your individual wallet with this hammer design! Have lots of fun with it!


Item number: GB-001

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