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Light blue hot water bottle with printable fleece cover

Light blue hot water bottle with printable fleece cover

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Get our sublimated hot water bottle with a printable cover made of supple non-woven fabric and immerse yourself in cozy winter moments.

The light blue color gives the hot water bottle a soothing touch, while the material - a high quality rubber hot water bottle with a 100% polyester cover - ensures ultimate softness and comfort.

The dimensions of 310 x 170 mm make them perfect to accompany you on the sofa during cold winter days. With a generous capacity of approx. 800 ml, it offers enough warmth to wrap you in a cozy feeling.

What's special about this set? The printable soft cuddly cover! Sublimation technology allows you to give your hot water bottle a personal touch. Whether it's an inspiring quote, a cute picture or simply a cheerful pattern - there are no limits to your creativity. The printable area of ​​310 x 170 mm gives you enough space for individual expression.

So, grab your personalized hot water bottle, cozy up on the sofa, light a candle, grab a book and leave the cold outside. The cozy warmth and your personal style make winter a real oasis of well-being. Treat yourself to this unique set and enjoy the beautiful aspects of the cold season!

  • Color: light blue, white
  • Dimensions: 310 x 170 mm
  • Capacity: 800ml
  • Material: rubber hot water bottle, cover 100% polyester
  • Printable area: 310 x 170 mm


  • Temperature: 190 °C
  • Pressing time: 60 seconds
  • Pressure: medium

Item number: WAEF-1


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