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Mini t-shirt

Mini t-shirt

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It is perfect as a bottle decoration and measures 200 x 190 mm.

You can really customize it because it's made to sublimate! This means you can print your own designs or cool motifs on it and it will look amazing!

The T-shirt is also totally safe. It meets all the requirements of REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006, so don't worry, it is free from harmful chemicals.

And now, watch out! If you want to print on it, we have a few processing instructions for you here: You need a temperature of 195 °C, a pressing time of 90 seconds and medium contact pressure. Simply place the printable paper on top of the mini t-shirt and then put it into the press!

This will be an absolute blast, believe me! Design your own bottle jewelry mini t-shirt and show it off proudly! Whether as a cool gift or for yourself, you will definitely score points with this! Have fun designing! Delivery without hangers.


Temperature: 195 degrees
Time: 90 seconds
Pressure: medium


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