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Pattern DTF / UV-DTF

Pattern DTF / UV-DTF

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This unique template pattern is designed to give you limitless creativity and flexibility in DTF (Direct-to-Film) and UV-DTF (UV Direct-to-Film) printing processes. This pattern allows you to create impressive prints on various materials, be it fabrics, clothing, accessories or other printable surfaces.

DTF process (Direct-to-Film): The DTF process allows high-resolution designs to be printed directly onto a special film sheet, which is then transferred to the desired material. This template pattern provides an excellent way to create vibrant and detailed designs on textiles and other surfaces. Whether individual clothing items, home textiles or promotional items – there are no limits to your creativity.

UV-DTF process (UV Direct-to-Film): The UV-DTF process expands the possibilities of DTF printing by using UV-curing inks. These inks enable printing on a wide range of materials, including those that UV-curable inks cannot normally accept. This pattern allows you to create stunning UV DTF prints that adhere to a variety of surfaces including plastics, glass, wood and more.

Creative Applications: Whether you work in textiles, advertising or crafts, this template pattern opens up numerous possibilities. Create custom t-shirts, caps, bags and jackets with amazing gradients and fine details. Add a new dimension to promotional materials, signs and stickers by designing them with unique UV-DTF designs. There really are no limits to your creativity.

Explore the world of printing at the highest level with our versatile template pattern for DTF and UV-DTF. Give your projects a unique and professional touch that impresses and delights

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