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Obstruct DTF transfers in 2 sizes (For Polyester)

Obstruct DTF transfers in 2 sizes (For Polyester)

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Obstruct DTF transfers for resublimating textiles (polyester)
Discover our exclusive service for high-quality DTF transfers – direct to film for polyester products, the ultimate printing solution for textiles! Do you want to offer your customers impressive prints, but don't have the financial resources to buy your own DTF printer or the time for the laborious cleaning? No problem! We have the solution for you: We print your transfer prints in different sizes and send them directly to you.

But what exactly does DTF actually mean? DTF stands for “direct to film” and is one of the best printing methods currently available on the market. We will print your graphic design in 5 colors on a carrier film and then connect it with transfer granules. We will provide you with a transfer film, which you can then quickly and easily press onto the desired textiles using a flat press or a conventional iron. Please note that this item is best suited for polyester fabrics.

Our service offers DTF quality in a class of its own: you simply upload your file, we print it out for you and send it to you with an information flyer about pressing time and temperature. Then you open the package and can start pressing it onto your textiles straight away! Create your own brand and customized textiles with ease. Our DTF transfers are versatile!

What do we need from you?

Your file:

  • The graphic file: Transparent background
  • The resolution: 300 DPI
  • The file format: PNG
  • File sizes: "56 x 50 cm" "56 x 100 cm"

Please transfer multiple files as a ZIP file.

Don't wait any longer! Use our first-class DTF service and take your textiles to the next level. Impress your customers with professional prints and create unique designs without the cost and hassle of your own DTF printer. Order today and unleash your creative potential!

From October 15, 2023, shipping may take up to 4 days due to the season. We thank you for your understanding of possible delays.

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