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Polyimide adhesive tape (heat-resistant adhesive tape)

Polyimide adhesive tape (heat-resistant adhesive tape)

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Polyimide tape is a special adhesive tape used in many industrial applications due to its heat resistance. The tape consists of a thin layer of polyimide, a heat-resistant polymer, coated on one side with an adhesive. It can withstand temperatures of up to 260°C without melting or burning. The adhesive tape is also resistant to chemical influences, UV light and moisture.

Width 10mm
Length 33 meters
Price corresponds to €0.18 per meter

Film thickness: 0.025 mm
Adhesive thickness: 0.035 mm
Adhesive type: silicone
Adhesive strength (N/25mm): 6
Temperature resistance:
-70°C to +240°C
Insulation class: H / 180°C
Dielectric strength: 7,000 V

flame retardant,
radiation and chemical resistant
electrically insulating


Item number: HBK-1

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