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Directional arrows in different colors & sizes

Directional arrows in different colors & sizes

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Hey there! We have something exciting for you – sublimation directional arrows that you can customize in different sizes and colors. 🎨

These directional arrows are like a blank canvas for your creativity. You can design them however you like and they will become the practical and individual signposts that you always need.

Here are the different sizes and colors you can choose from:

  • 27 x 13 cm in shiny gold
  • 27 x 7 cm in white
  • 25 x 7 cm in silver
  • 29 x 6 cm in shiny gold
  • 30 x 7 cm in shiny gold

Whether you want to use them for events, in your store, or wherever, these directional arrows will definitely turn heads. The sublimated design makes it possible to conjure up fine details and vibrant colors on the surface that stand out from the crowd.

Whether you're giving clear instructions or just showing off style, these directional files will spruce up your space. So grab your design ideas and let them shine on these directional arrows!

Product details:

  • Various sizes and colors available
  • Sublimation printing allows for vibrant designs
  • Perfect for events, shops and more
  • Give your signposts a personal touch

Choose your size and color, let your creativity run wild and take every look in a new direction! 🌟

ALU-0040 27 x 13 in shiny gold
ALU-0041 27 x 7 in white
ALU-0042 25 x 7 in silver
ALU-0043 29 x 6 in shiny gold
ALU-0044 30 x 7 in shiny gold

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