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S-RACE® sublimation paper DIN-A4

S-RACE® sublimation paper DIN-A4

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Hey you! The S-RACE® sublimation paper in A4 format is just right for your sublimation projects, regardless of whether you use a Sawgrass, Epson or Ricoh desktop printer. Each pack contains 100 sheets of this specially developed paper, which enables crisp and brilliant prints on all polyester-coated textiles and hard substrates such as cups, bowls and bottles. Here are the outstanding benefits of this product:

  • Brilliant image quality: With our S-RACE® sublimation paper you get incredibly vibrant and colorful prints. Your designs will be rendered in impressive detail in A4 format, so you can rely on first-class results at exactly this size.

  • Extremely fast drying: Our sublimation paper dries extremely quickly, allowing you to speed up your production and work more efficiently.

  • Excellent line sharpness: Fine lines and delicate details are reproduced razor-sharp, showcasing your designs and patterns in all their glory. Count on impressive precision with every print job.

  • Excellent and fast transfer properties: Our sublimation paper ensures effortless transfer of your designs onto textiles and hard substrates. The colors are transmitted vividly and reliably, guaranteeing a professional end result.

  • Excellent flatness properties: Our sublimation paper stays flat and stable on the print bed, which is crucial for a smooth printing process. Paper jams and printing errors are a thing of the past and your productivity increases.

  • Exceptional consistent quality: We set high standards for the production of our sublimation paper. Each pack is subject to strict quality controls so that you always achieve first-class results.

Whether you're creating professional prints for sales or personal projects, S-RACE® A4 Sublimation Paper - 100 per pack is your reliable choice. Give free rein to your creativity and experience the quality that our paper offers. Experience sublimated perfection!


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