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S-RACE® sublimation paper (61cm x 55m)

S-RACE® sublimation paper (61cm x 55m)

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Hey you! If you're looking for the ultimate sublimation paper, you've just found it. Our sublimation paper is specially designed to take your creativity to a new level. With a generous size of 61cm x 55m per roll, it offers you endless possibilities for your printing projects. Here are the details:

Main Applications: For all 24" roll printers

The S-Race® sublimation paper is your faithful companion. It's designed to shine on all your favorite materials

Advantages that will inspire you

  • Brilliant image quality: Your designs come to life on our sublimation paper with breathtaking clarity and color intensity. Amaze your customers or friends with stunning prints.

  • Extremely fast drying: Time is precious, so we made sure our paper dries lightning fast. No more waiting, you can go straight to the next print.

  • Excellent line sharpness: Fine lines and details are reproduced razor-sharp. Your designs come into their own just as you imagined them.

  • Excellent and fast transfer properties: The colors are transferred vividly and reliably, so that your sublimation projects turn out perfectly.

  • Excellent flatness properties: Our sublimation paper always lies flat and stable on the print bed. This means fewer paper jams and less frustration for you.

  • Exceptional consistent quality: We rely on the highest quality standards when producing our sublimation paper. Every roll you receive meets our strict quality controls, so you always get first-class results.

Whether you're making sublimation prints for sale or for your personal projects, our sublimation paper won't disappoint. Give your creativity the space it deserves and experience the quality of our paper.

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