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Pencil case, large

Pencil case, large

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This stylish pencil case offers a practical solution for organizing and storing pens and other writing utensils. It comes in a classic black color and measures 210 x 160 mm (width x height x depth), providing enough space for a variety of pens. Includes equipment, pens as shown

The product meets the requirements of REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006, which means that it is manufactured safely and free of harmful chemicals.

In addition, the pencil case is suitable for sublimation technology, so that individual designs or logos can be attached to it. For optimal results, we recommend sublimation at 190 degrees Celsius and printing for 70 seconds. A strong pressure ensures that the motif is transferred perfectly to the material, giving your personalized pencil case a professional and high-quality appearance.

Temperature: 190 degrees
Time: 70 seconds
Pressure: Very strong

Position and press the print while it is still hot. Pre-press the item the entire time. Place the article sideways into the press. Delint. Apply “counter pressure” on the other side of the press so that the press is horizontal. Insert silicone foam mat for stabilization


Item number: FM-002

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