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SubliPrime sublimation paper (cup size)

SubliPrime sublimation paper (cup size)

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The SubliPrime sublimation paper (cup format) has been specially developed for sublimation printing on cups and other cup formats. It is available in two variants: 100 sheets or 500 sheets per pack.

The paper has a size of 100 x 240 mm, which is perfect for printing on mugs. These are format goods that have been specially adapted to the needs of sublimation printing. The paper has a weight of 110 gsm, which provides a solid and stable basis for the printing process.

The SubliPrime sublimation paper allows you to create high-quality and long-lasting prints on mugs. It has a special coating that optimally absorbs the sublimation ink and ensures clear and vibrant color reproduction. The colors are transferred into the coating of the cup material under heat and pressure, creating a permanent and scratch-resistant print.

Using SubliPrime sublimation paper is easy and efficient. After printing your design on the paper, you can transfer it to the mug using a sublimation press or oven.

With SubliPrime Sublimation Paper (Mug Size) you can achieve professional results and create custom mugs with personalized designs, logos or images. Whether for your own use, as a gift or for sale - this high-quality sublimation paper opens up numerous possibilities for designing unique cups.

  • 100 or 500 sheets
  • 100x240mm
  • Format goods
  • 110 gsm


Item numbers:

100 sheets: SUB-4
500 sheets: SUB-5

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