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Cup warming station

Cup warming station

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Hey, you mug printing pro! We know you're always looking for the best tools and solutions to create stunning mugs with your designs. That's why we proudly present the mug warming station - the first preheating station designed specifically for professional mug printing.

The secret weapon for flawless cups:

You know the dilemma: The cups you want to print often have problematic areas, such as the areas to the right and left of the handle and the edges of the cup (top and bottom). Difficulties often arise when pressing the designs. But with our cup warming station this becomes child's play. Our revolutionary preheating process perfectly prepares the base of the cup so your designs can be applied effortlessly and with the highest quality. We take the hurdles away for you and enable you to create mugs that not only look flawless, but also professional.

Why the cup warming station is your indispensable partner:

Four cup inserts that preheat at the same time : Our warming station offers space for up to four cups at the same time. No more waiting - you can prepare more cups in less time.

Fast preheating : Our warming station heats up quickly and allows you to work more efficiently. Your cups will be at the ideal processing temperature in no time.

Perfect temperature control : With an adjustable thermostat that reaches up to 120°C, you have full control over the temperature range you need for your cups. No more guesswork - you determine the optimal point.

On/off switch : Operating our warming station is extremely easy. A practical on/off switch allows you to activate or deactivate the preheating of your cups as needed. No complicated settings - just turn it on and get started!

220V power cord : Our station comes with a 220V power cord, suitable for operation in most environments. You can rely on a reliable power supply.

Adjustable and versatile : The cup warming station can hold up to four cups at the same time. Whether you prefer standard cups or special shapes, our station adapts to your needs.

Your designs, our technology: With our warming station, refining cups becomes an effortless task. You can rely on your designs to appear flawlessly on the mugs and let your creativity run wild.

If you want to achieve the best results in your mug printing business, then the mug warming station is your indispensable partner. It makes troublesome cup areas a breeze and allows you to produce impressive cups in no time.


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