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Gradient tea glass

Gradient tea glass

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A beautiful gradient tea glass in four different colors - yellow, purple, pink and blue. The tea glass is cylindrical in shape and is made of glass with an Orca coating. It has a height of 95 mm and a diameter of approximately 80 mm. With a capacity of approximately 300 ml, the glass weighs approximately 400 g. Hand rinsing is recommended for cleaning. The volume is 10oz (300ml). For sublimation, the recommended temperature is 180 °C with a pressing time of 6 minutes and a light contact pressure.
  • Version: tea glass
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Material: glass
  • Coating: black Orca
  • Height: 95mm
  • Diameter approx.: 80 mm
  • Capacity approx.: 300 ml
  • Weight approx.: 400 g
  • Cleaning: Hand washing recommended
  • Volume: 10oz (300ml)
  • Temperature 180°C
  • Pressing time 6 minutes
  • Contact pressure light


Item numbers:

Blue: GLS-0008
Red: GLS-0009
Yellow: GLS-0010

Purple: GLS-0011

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