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Wooden door hanger

Wooden door hanger

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Check out our ingenious plywood door hanger! With its natural finish and sturdy material, it's exactly what you need to add a cool touch to your room.

Measuring 102 x 229 x 5 mm, it fits perfectly on most standard doors. Whether you want to warn your roommates before entering or just hang a casual saying on the door, this door hanger is perfect for you.

And the best part? The high-quality plywood material ensures that your door hanger lasts a long time. Robust and durable - exactly how you need it!

  • Surface: natural
  • Material: plywood
  • Dimensions: 102 x 229 x 5 mm
  • Fits most standard doors
  • Material ensures durability

Processing under the press:

  • Temperature: 190 degrees
  • Pressing time: 240 seconds
  • Pressure: Strong


Item number: TH-01

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