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SubliPrime sublimation paper XL (cup and bottle format)

SubliPrime sublimation paper XL (cup and bottle format)

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Hey, look, this new sublimation paper is really awesome! It's a hybrid solution that provides sharp pressure on hard and soft surfaces. It creates really first-class results, especially with tricky materials such as acrylic glass or aluminum.

The best? The running properties when printing are absolutely top. And it's perfectly designed for use with Sublisplash® ink. Quality? Check! 110 g/m² makes it a reliable companion.

And hold on: 500 sheets in 150 x 240 mm! With the XL format you can now refine cups and bottles that have a print area of ​​over 100 mm high without having to use more expensive DIN A4 sheets. This not only saves you money, but also gives you a super flexible option for your designs!

  • 500 sheets
  • 150x240mm
  • 110 gsm


Item numbers:
500 sheets: SUB-6

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